I know of (at least) one fan of this blog who will berate me for posting anything “enhanced”, but it’s also my ethical duty to report all-things-boob, and it’s my aim and goal to try and report on every single boober out there at least once! This, I’m learning, is a feat hard to accomplish since as time goes on there seem to be more and more boobers becoming popular than days in the year and time allowed for me to post! Still, I press on. And I don’t want to restrict myself to any boob sub-niche, else I run the risk of alienating my audience to reading posts about only slightly-droopy curly-brunette green-eyed apple-bottomed taller-than-me boobers, for example to pull out some of the main features I’m personally attracted to (today, it’ll all change tomorrow!). And my fetishisms are like a pendulum, and what gets me off today might not get me off tomorrow, so I like to report on all I see.

And what I see now are two big brown-n-green eyes staring back at me, accompanied by a pair of perky, upright 34DDs and a hands-free technique that is making me quiver in my office chair! Standing on both legs she might be taller than me, but in this position on both knees, Dylan Ryder is just the right height!