UPDATE: She’s Sofia Sivan, a new-to-me cosplayer – Nice!

I’ll start off by saying if anyone knows the name of this boob-babe, leave a comment below – the final image might actually be the most helpful, as it’s the most face-revealing shot out there. Spotted at last year’s “Special Edition,” something of a ComicCon that’s impossible to search for given its name, was this absolutely busting buxom Jessica Rabbit cosplayer, with tits literally bulging out of her tight dress top. I mean bulging! It was one photo that lead to another to another and eventually this small set, so I thought I’d share, and put out the call for more info. Enjoy:

It started with one bad-res shot that piqued my interest:

DSC00340 (1)

Dug a little deeper and sure enough she’s out there – Here’s more shots:

Jessica Rabbit at Special Edition New York Con 2015. #InvestComics #SENYC #Cosplay #Cosplayers #jessicarabbit




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She’s a pro at showing off – Here she is a couple years earlier at a ComicCon as Powergirl: