Alyssa West of Brazzers - oh face

I’ll be honest when I say that Alyssa West isn’t one of my favorites. In fact she’s pretty far at the bottom of my list and doesn’t generally receive a blip on my radar. Even while writing this her bio over at the Brazzers Network has gone down 7 places in the user-ranked rating system from 660 to 667 (yes, Brazzers have that many models in their database!). But trolling through their archives I stumbled upon this scene from over two years ago and I’m simply a sucker for a good oh face, and here Alyssa’s is one of the best, I mean she never lets up:








If only there was a shot of her 36-triple-D titfucking oh face then her repertoire would be complete!

Alyssa West and 764 other models at the Brazzers Network!

  • I like her. She’s so slutty.

  • admin

    lots of overlooked hotties out there.