What can I say, I’m a fan of big boobs. And not just big boobs but seriously humongous hangers. Ginormous naturals and melons the size of my head. I love their weight and the way they hang and the thick bodies they’re attached to, and the possible positions and forms of flesh to be seen when getting my freak on. Now these premiere photos from Madison Blush for Busty Britain aren’t all the way there yet, but her 40L naturals do help stir my imagination – and as I’ve said before I have a wild one! In this set she simply removes her top and plays with her boobs in a way that surprises even her – she puts a smile on her own face whenever she lifts her heavy funbags. Whereas most of Busty Britain’s models play with cock or other boobers, Madison is making a name for herself built only on her size and stature. And she is BIG all around!