I always love stumbling upon a new pair of breasts. And not everyone is in the get-rich-quick scheme of thinking they can break through in the amateur end of the business. Some models are just out there for the sake of modeling, and their breasts happen to be one of their main features. And some of those models are just so sinister and sexy that it’s hard to deny them! Meet The Queen of Evil, a model out of Hollywood, CA with a totally unique look and complexion, and of course an impressive pair of all-natural 38DDs! I say model but I don’t know that for sure, I’m just assuming that’s her profession based on some really wonderful images she posted herself at her deviantart account – where some of the images I’m posting came from, you can see she has some wonderful skills to pull off some diverse roles and visuals. Really talented. I initially found out about her via an interview at The Boobs Blog – leave a little to be desired, I like my interviews more in-depth, but still it’s like you can hear her sinister tongue saying “they are tits what’s there Not to like!!!!!???”

she also puts up quite sinister photos sometimes via her Twitpic account:

also: her twitter and her myspace