I have to admit, while I am a boob man, love a big butt, and yearn for the smell and sweat of sex, one of the things I’m actually most attracted to in a woman is her smile. As such, one of the first pervy thoughts that goes through my mind when I meet a lady, and even after I’ve “met” her and we go out on dates, one of the first things I imagine is what her face looks like stuffed with my cock. I imagine if she’s a slurper, a deep-throater, a gagger, if she makes noises, keeps her eyes open, goes hands-free, and so on. Hungarian slut Alison Star (aka Izabella Varga for you Central Euro fuckers) here is exactly what I’m referring to – she shows me all the things I wonder in wonderful detail and oral clarity. She is the definition of Throated: