To celebrate Freedom Day, I bring you a quintessential pair of American TITS:

In July 1989, Playboy ran a feature – their cover story no doubt – on a Phoenix, AZ, newscaster by the name of Shelly Jamison. Back then it was KTSP, now FOX affiliate KSAZ. But enough with the callsigns, let’s describe those boobs: B I G…G! Double-BIG! You’d never know under her free-flowing blouse-tops and clear-spoken news voice that she was hiding an absolute pair of udders with pancake areolae! Seriously just look at those honkers! Of course there was a stink raised after her appearance in Playboy, and she subsequently left the news station, although not TV entirely – she was subsequently hired as a sideline reporter for RollerGames because of her controversial spread, but has since sort of removed herself from the public spotlight. Rumor has it she’s now a Captain in the Phoenix-area Fire Department – lucky sod whoever gets to stick his hose up her pipes OWWWW!!

  • James Jacquez

    I have shot untold loads of cum to this Goddess than any other woman in my life. I worship Shelly. She’s the Absolute Best.

  • Lefty

    I can’t stop jacking off looking at Shelly even after 26 years and I don’t want to! Everything about her turns me on That sweet little face, those beautiful eyes, that crazy blonde hairdo, and of course her magnificent tits with richly dark areolae and the two most beautiful and succulent nipples ever!!!

  • Steve

    Shelly Jamison is a flawless beauty! I can only speculate on her measurements, but would guess 40-24-35,DDcups!I would like to think she is Irish due to her blonde/red hair.I wish I could find women like her! What I would give to suckthosemagnificenttits!

  • A old dairy farmer

    I always been amazed at Shelly incredible body those tits are fantastic but its Her beautiful and absolutely huge nipples that set Shelly apart I think iv’e figured out why. Her nipples were so big because Her tits were full of the thickest and creamiest milk in the world and Shelly’s nipples had to be extra large to let it flow freely out without using a industrial grade milking machine!!