Two Big Rocker Boobs: Introducing Aymee Warner


If you’ve ever gone out to a rock concert, then you know Aymee Warner!! loL!! The one lady in the club with double-D (or greater) bosom, so of course she’s going to show them off and let you know they’re there. Oddly, Aymee is something of a Jesus-freak too, so there’s a word for that: tease! I guess she really does dig all men with long hair… She collects signatures on her tits but I’d rather deposit a warm batch of man-milk on those hog-titties myself!

  • HonestInfo

    Ewww! Disgusting old plastic gook/spic/pineapple looking face, terribly ugly old fake hair, fake ugly old implants, too much ink! YUK! YUK! YUK! This one’s a HUGE fkn FAIL!

    Bitch a TURN OFF!