I’m certain this will turn into one of those head-smacking “oh yeah” moments, but at the moment I don’t recognize who this beach boober is. She looks terribly familiar, but I’m not too keen on remembering the plethora of names of enhanced boobers the world has to offer – there’s simply too many. However this is a pretty good scene, what with her brown skin, the frothy sea, and her tight ass and perky nipples. She seems quite happy with the moment too! Slideshow after the jump!

  • Johnny

    Alicia DiMarco

  • admin

    I knew that wouldn’t take long. thanks Johnny. and to avenge myself, NO, I didn’t know that name! lol!

  • me

    She goes by the name Alicia and those pics (and others) can be found on the Malibu Strings swimwear site (go to the “competition” page). She seems like a pro, but I don’t know that I’ve seen her pics anywhere else.

  • admin

    nice find “me”! thanks.