I know to most of you you’ll consider these C-cup boobs sub-par compared with the Double-D and GG-juggs I normally post around these parts, but these tits are hot. I guess also, they kind of remind me of the tits on the girl I’m sleeping with these days. Yes, I’ve downgraded to a C for the time being! But she wears such low-cut V-neck shirts, and always makes sure to support her bosom, so they have their own gravitational field and pull, and bounce and jiggle as though she were on the moon. It’s an incredible sight to see, and often she finds me staring down her shirts. She knows what I’m thinking – and her tits are just big enough and fluid enough to wrap my cock – she always makes sure to ask, “what were you thinking earlier when…” Then I show her. Good times. Anyhow, slideshow after the jump!

  • Mike

    I have seen the name “Paloma” attributed to her, but I have no idea if that is correct.

  • admin

    thanks Mike. I’ll keep that name in mind as I’m searching around.

  • eidolon

    I’ve also seen her listed as “Mia” (in addition to Paloma) over at Femjoy, but I’ve never seen a last name for her…

  • admin

    greeeeat, so she’s an evasive boober! lol! I’ll find her, thanks eidolon.

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