Some things you don’t want to beat around the bush with. And in the case of Vicky Vette – the General of her amalgamated Vette Army – she is a to-the-point kind of woman, my kind of woman! She’s just there, walking along the beach, taking occasional dips in the sea, when she’s spotted by an ornithologist, whom she approaches, has a conversation with, then starts blowing right then and there! I’m telling you she is to the point! And what did she refer to herself as, a “double-breasted home wrecker”, referring to her 36DDs? I love to that the bird known as Vicky just can’t stop sucking, even whence the dude has come. She’s a total-finish kind of woman, MY kind of woman! See for yourself from this epic-length video that Vicky considers a “trailer” – more like a tease, because she has hours and hours and hours of her blowing exclusively at her own website!

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