Wendy, a new phenom who premiered over at XX-Cel last month, recently got her tits sucked and her pussy played with. She seems to enjoy the attention.

Pretty straightforward, right? However when Wendy made her first appearance I admit I wasn’t sold right off the bat. Here’s why:

Now, look at that picture again. It’s hard to imagine Wendy with anything larger than 34C’s under her shirt. But imagine you need not! In the next image Wendy lifts up her shirt and you’re presented with the prize: 36DD‘s, easily. Maybe it’s the arch in her back that allows her to conceal her fleshy contrabands, or the fluidity of her breasts which flow like water and find every hidden cavity of space under her shirt hiding her bust from my candid suspicions, but you cannot deny that Wendy has a lot to play with:

As for her pussy that gets played with?

Now you can see why this girl is an absolute sweetheart and would be an all-around delight to spend some time with! Those plump succulent tits, and that clean-shaven pussy begging for a fingerin’. But here, see for yourself:

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