It’s wet t-shirt week at Cosmid and they do not disappoint! See all of your favorite ‘real american girls’ as pictorialized by Cosmid’s fine photographers and videographers. Yup, I said videographers all right! There’s an amazing video of the elusive Elizabeth soaking up her shirt with a slurpie-sized cup of agua. And just when the water soaks in and the cloth becomes somewhat transparent? BAM! Video ends! I guess you’ll have to join to see more. However not to leave you simply hanging there (or maybe to tease you even further!) there’s a terrific shot also of Elizabeth, from 3/4 behind, which might be the first totally topless photo yet of her, and needless to say I’m salivating for more!

Also check out these incredible shots of yet-another new Cosmid model, a Jessica this time. Something about her face that makes me lust, simply lust. So sweet, so innocent, but sooooo sinister!


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