Raissandraul were a single-user couple who fucked like bunny rabbits on services like Chaturbate, up until recently. Raiss would apparently be the one with the TITS! Reminding many of what it would be like to plug a younger, and fuller-breasted Laura San Giocomo. Boy oh boy were those a pair of dangly boobs – and she liked to shake ’em! I think they were Italian. Clearly Raul was unemployable with that haircut so they had nothing better to do but fuck on camera for others to oggle.


Does anyone know what became of them since? There was a suspicious moment late last year when Twitter bot @tipsy_modsy tweeted the following:

And shortly thereafter their Chaturbate “room” was reported as being banned – the user apparently deleted:


Thankfully they didn’t entirely disappear – two of their more widespread fuck-moments were saved by someone and posted to xhamster for your viewing pleasure (below). But they had a number of other fuck-sessions and videos that no one knows if they’re still accessible anymore or not.

What would you say to a BOOBS ARCHIVE online of amateur content that truly never disappears?