It would appear a frequent occurrence between my own tastes and busty beauties of Polish descent, that there exists a type of boob-punctum, whereby I can browse a set of a hundred images but there’s always one that really stands out and grips me! Aneta Buena of Busty.PL fame recently did this for me, and now I find myself exclaiming the same one image says-it-all pictorial reading for Sonia, a 34E Polish model of Boobs.PL fame. It is well-known that the fringes of Eastern Europe are accustomed to growing up their ladies accompanied with massive chests, but that two separate big bust modeling firms were able to narrow my own sensibilities to but one image has me questioning how easily I am to target as a consumer of fleshy fetishisms!

I can see similarities between Sonia’s 34E and Aneta’s 34F images: both are shot from at or below the waist level, looking upwards; both capture strong shadows under the breast which strongly define their shape and size; both feature other elements in the image which exaggerate the size of their breasts (in Aneta’s image, it is Kora Kryk’s head, here it is Sonia’s presence in front of a building, the shot making Sonia appear as towering as the architecture in the background).

Not to confuse the two companies, because while BustyPL do have exclusive access to some models you won’t find elsewhere, and BoobsPL feature some models you have no doubt seen perform elsewhere, they also frequently dabble in a hardcore scene with a model you may or may not be familiar with:

I flip back and forth between the two, looking for something I’ve never seen before, and am continuously satisfied.

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