Originally spotted over at Baby Sinead’s blog in a video documenting an event that took place in early August in NYC, it turns out the legendary buxom model Candye Kane is still very much active! Actually, I knew she was still active, and had transpired into quite a successful blues singer. I also knew she was planning a world tour for her singing, but I didn’t think she would be hitting the road until later this year in late September or early October. It seems she has already started the tour in Europe so for folks across the pond take a look at her tour schedule to see her live in your country. Meanwhile, enjoy the video below which was Candye’s performance at this gathering called “Sex Worker Literati”. This was their inaugural event, launching a monthly reading celebrating sex workers. While Candye is no longer a “sex worker” per se, she is definitely known to boob fans like myself for her 80s and 90s-era performances on film – her Bra Breakers Volume I work stands out in my mind. She also did work way-back-when for Scoreland where you can still find a plentiful supply of her bosom for download.

Just to clarify the event was promoting a forthcoming book titled Hos, Hookers, Call Girls and Rent Boys which also has a really fabulous blog. The book looks pretty interesting. Basically anything with Annie Sprinkle in it is guaranteed to be something of a success – she’s so smart and honest about her sexuality, indeed the history of sex itself would be totally different without Annie Sprinkle!

Anyhow here’s Candye’s performance. She has one hell of a voice, and her Memphis Minnie rendition is superb!

Related: you can also find trace of Candye in Taschen’s Big Book of Breasts

  • Earlier this year, I was watching an old episode of Love Connection and who do you think was on it as a “contestant”? CANDYE KANE! I recorded it, took some screenshots, contacted her through Myspace and she confirmed it really was her! I almost fell over…

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    No way a contestant? Where do I apply?

    That’s cool she responded through Myspace also, I really appreciate models/entertainers who actually really truly do keep in touch with their fans.

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