A clear-cut example of why breast fetishist like myself surf the internet, get RSS feeds, buy subscriptions to big boob sites, purchase titfucking VOD, and in general hunt out the best big tit amateur porn around:

Of course even a lifetime boob fetishist like myself can’t know-it-all! Thus another Friday Find hunt is on, which in the past have been very successful (see here and here). So does anybody recognize the lady in the image above? Who she is? What company she’s represented by? If her nipples will be staring me back in the face, or pointing straight down to earth (and to think gravity is one of the weaker forces of physics!).

C’mon people I’m counting on you:

Do you recognize those melons? I’m guessing 40GG? It’s hard to tell without seeing how far out they hang, but they seem to fill her shirt nicely!

Natural Separation:

I sorta recognize the lady, but not the mole, or the heavy funbags. Help!