SaddleGals isn’t exclusively big tit, in fact ladies with plentiful bosoms are a rarity at their site, but their approach fits in with my vision of women and their sexuality. My vision which is larger than the largest pair of all-naturals. You see, I like to watch women. On the streets I love looking at women, giving double-takes of those who catch my eye, and those flirtatious moments when me and a lady connect for a split-second on something as trivial as reaching for the same six-pack in the beer aisle at the supermarket. I like to watch their hands, their hair flow, I like to watch their gait (especially from behind), I like looking in their eyes and I especially like watching their mouths gape as they have an orgasm.

The Sybian has been blogged about here before and I have a feeling it will be periodically chronicled here in the years to come. It’s an amazing device, one which I still have yet to see in person but I understand its potential. As I grow older and my sexual intrigue becomes more diverse, more exploratory, I find myself increasingly employing mechanical and plastic devices and tools to the aim of stimulating my partner’s climactic oh-face. I often wish I could pause time itself at the moment when she orgasms, its as fascinating as a star borne in the night sky. What an amazing face.

Now Yurizan Beltra is all big-tit. Oddly enough she hasn’t been blogged about here before, so I’m glad to include her in my archives here. Her and her all-natural 36DD bosom, they’re a classic fit on a petite-bodied Latina who is amazingly comfortable with her sexuality, and she’s more than happy to show you how its done:

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