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Introducing Jessica Divine

A totally random interweb boober, this might be all that you ever see of Jessica Divine. But I thought it enough to “introduce” her, because it made me think of all the boobers and titters and breastacular ladies I’ve fondled, fucked, and forgot about over the years. Sometimes the most lusty and lustful ladies are the ones who are in your neighborhood, your town, your friends of friends, and don’t you forget that. Sometimes all they’re looking for is a little prick – well it ain’t so little actually – and a memory to remember. It’s just a shame, I only just now thought of… her, again.


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Friday Finds: Two. Big. Twos.

I can’t call these giant ginormously bulging big boobs “two big ones” because they encompass so much volume and weight and gravitational pull that they must be quantified using a new system of measurement. Thus: two big twos. They’re HUGE! A randomly stumbled pair of ta-ta-tas, if you recognize those big bewbs please leave a comment below.


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Lake Bell cover wow!


Model-actress Lake Bell graces the cover of this week’s New York Magazine and it can be summed up in two words: sticky pages!!



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Cyn Santana’s sinner skin

Since “introducing” her late last month I’ve stumbled upon still more photos – this time from Showgirlz Exclusive – of the beautifully generic and generically beautiful Cyn Santana. Fuck whatever her real name is, with an ass like that. I’ll “cyn” all over her body, no problem! I’ll cyn her in the morning while the dew is still evaporating. I’ll cyn her at night to the sound of the ocean wives slamming against the dunes – while I slam-n-cyn inside her. I’ll cyn her with my prick and my mouth and fingers equally – she’ll be so exhausted from cyning she’ll nearly pass out, and then beg for more. What a cyner!


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Fantastical Facial Finish with Tessa Lane

It’s not all about the finish, so much as the journey of how we got there. But that’s just not fucking true! When you cross that finish line there’s a sigh – ok not a sigh so much as an exxxhilirating “Fuuuuuuck yeahhhhh!” – and the knowledge that you just worked really really hard to achieve… success! I mean, really hard: you fucked her in about as many positions as you could think of given the furniture options. And in the end you just wanted to give her her just reward: a face full of cum. Tessa Lane is a great team player, and her scene for Naughty America excites all the best thoughts in my pervy mind!


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The Boobography of Adam Chilson

You might recognize the image or the style of the image above as I did, and have for years as I have, and never knew who the photographer was. Mystery solved! Meet photographer Adam Chilson and his booberific style. Plenty more images of all body types on his deviantart, but he clearly has plenty of big-stacked friends to call upon to complete the shot when needed.


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To be young, stacked, and hairy as hell (not on the tits thankfully!)

Told you so! But nooooooo you just had to look didn’t you, you couldn’t believe me could you. No problem, because frankly I’m a freak too and I love diving head-first into a hairy bush. Especially when the girl is a generic looking next-door type with a pendulous pair of Double-Ds. All the more merrier I get. Which is why I love the stock of sluts that We Are Hairy have on offer – and yes, they are! Let me guess, you don’t believe me do you? Ohh okay, go on… see for yourself!


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